Victor Antonio's Mission Against Ignorement

 Making people listen one person at a time.


            Hello, my name is Victor Antonio Gruber.  I was born in Puerto Rico on February 2, 1978 and moved to San Antonio, Texas when I was three. 

            Around the turn of the century I got all these hair-brained ideas to save the world and I put together an interesting story, a monologue.  I rehearsed it well and began walking around San Antonio(literally) as much as I could.  I would walk up to random strangers and ask them, "Can I tell you a really interesting story?  I'm not asking for anything.  I just want you to listen.  It's a free story.  It's not religious, I promise." I would tell my story to anybody who would listen, which was more than not, due to my story's level of interest.  I was getting some extremely positive reactions to it. 

            It didn't take long for me to realize that I was giving people a big heaping helping of hope with my story.  On more than one occasion I've had people come up to me and say, "I'm really glad you told my your story the other day.  I was about to kill myself."  What more do I need to keep me going? 

            Walking and telling my story became my full-time job.  I didn't get days off.  My job didn't pay me money though, I worked for free.  A necessary-obsession, I deemed it.  I became the talk and the walk of the town.

            Towards the end of 2002 I went abroad all over the United States spreading my message and documenting all that transpired.  After doing this all over the United States for about seven years I either lost hope and gave up the fight(or I took seven years off to reground myself).  I suppose I was so used to everything going my way everywhere I went, that when things stopped going my way I felt cursed.  My stuff wasn't spreading like wildfire on the web like I thought it would be and a lot of people still weren't listening.  I became very disheartened.  There were many factors for making me stop, but I will go into them when I try and patch up the gaps in my journal by memory. 

            Anyway, in 2009 I ended my full time job of walking, documenting my life and telling my story and ended up in Siskiyou County, California.  In the last year or so I have been receiving signs left and right that my story still contains much value and should be told again. 

            Therefore, I am officially resuming my mission.  Here's my original story.  Wish me luck.




            Hi again.  My name is Victor Antonio from San Antonio.  I am a long distance walker/journalist.  With the internet I have discovered a way to fight the world's greatest problem.  What would you say that is?  Of all time, where it all starts?  Well, more like humanity's greatest problem.  The world can shake us off like any other parasite.

            I used to think the world's greatest problem was ignorance, but I was wrong.  The world's greatest problem of all time, where it all starts, is in fact ignorement.  Ever heard of that word?  You can look it up in the dictionary.  Ignorement simply means the act of ignoring. 

            It is the act of ignoring that leads to a lack of knowledge.  Therefore, ignorement is worse than ignorance.  Ignorement is the root cause of ignorance. 

            Therefore, I believe ignorement is the root cause of all of our problems.  Damn the ignorement in this world!

            Nobody listens.  Nobody pays attention.  We are not learning.  We are stuck.  We know better, the technology is here, but we are still killing the world we depend on to live and are all connected to simply because killing the world makes money. 

"Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."
- Chief Seattle

             With the internet(and you're going to think I am crazy, just like I want you to) I plan to eliminate money, make everything free, prove that it's human-nature to be generous and bring world peace,

            I am going to greatly reduce the number of cars in this world thus improving the health of billions,


            Not only will I get marijuana totally legalized and chill everybody out, I will get it recommended.  You can grow your own.  But you won't need to.  It will be growing everywhere

            That's the key.

            I've got it all figured out.

            I will tell you exactly how I plan to do this IF you are willing to listen.  And only then. That way nobody's time gets wasted.  May I tell you?


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