The whole world is cashed. I'm going to load another bowl. The whole world is cashed. I'm going to load another bowl. The whole world is cashed. I'm going to load another bowl. The whole world is cashed. I'm going to load another bowl.

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Disclaimer:  This story may not be for you.  I am not trying to convince you of something you do not already know.  I have put it together for all the ignorant masses in this world who have yet to learn that love really is all we need.  If you don't consider yourself one of them, then please try reading my site with their eyes instead of your own. I just want you to be aware of the same exact amazing story(well, it's evolved) I have told thousands of people for almost eight years straight and still tell to this day.  I have remained consistent throughout.  I am here to make people think, to provoke independent thought.  Actions speak louder than words. 



              A true story by Victor Antonio from San Antonio
  A one-man non-profit organization(the only thing I seem to lose is weight)


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        "Hello, my name is Victor Antonio Gruber.  I'm thirty one.  I am from San Antonio, TX.  I was born in Puerto Rico on February 2, 1978 and have lived in San Antonio since I was three.  I am a self employed long-distance walker and a freelance journalist.   
        With the Internet I have discovered a way to fight the world's greatest problem.  What would you say that is?  Of all time. Where it all starts.  Well, more like humanity's greatest problem.   The world can shake us off and it just might in a couple of years.                    
         I say it's ignorance.  Ignorance is the root of all problems.  How would you define ignorance? The dictionary says it's the lack of knowledge, but I disagree.  I think the dictionary is wrong.  I say ignorance is simply the act of ignoring.  Ignore being the root word.  The act of ignoring leads to a lack of knowledge.
         Nobody listens.  Nobody pays full attention.  We're not learning.  We are stuck.  The technology is here, the facts have been staring us in the face for decades...but we still insist on killing the world we depend on to live because killing the world makes money.  Sadly, we live in a world where wrong has right-of-way.

         Why doesn't anybody care?

         When will we ever learn?

         Well, here is my idea. 

         With the Internet(and you're going to think I'm crazy, just like I want you to) I plan to eliminate money, make everything free, prove that it's human-nature to be generous and bring world peace.
         I'm going to get rid of cars in big cities and make everybody healthy(and height/weight proportionate).
         AND, not only will I get marijuana totally legalized and chill everybody out...I will get it unregulated.  It will be growing everywhere.

         That's the key. 

         I've got it all figured out.   

         I will tell you exactly how I plan to do this . . . if you are willing to listen, and only then.  What I have to tell you is definitely worth your full attention.  Do you want to know?  If not, don't waste your time. 

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"There are two ways of spreading light: To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it." - Edith Wharton

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